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Liberty City, FL


The OSM Blok wall revives the classic breeze block wall concept using an asymmetrical design that allows the OSM Blok to be used in eight different positions, leading to an infinite amount of patterns when combined. The neighborhood was once a vibrant commercial area of Miami, and the wall aspires to give nod to that era using textures and materials historically associated with the city. The pattern reflects the ever-changing energy of its surroundings.

The Terrazzo Mural playfully mirrors the material of the terrazzo aggregate in the OSM Blok Wall, amplifying it in painted abstracted animal shapes that strive to create a calming and positive atmosphere in the courtyard of the animal hospital.

80 hand-poured custom cement breeze blocks with glass aggregate. Exterior latex paint.


ASPCA Liberty City, 1320 NW 62nd Street, Miami, FL 33147


Made possible through the Miami-Dade Art in Public Places program.

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