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Miami Beach, FL

“In July 2020, Miami’s Biscayne Bay was quite literally gasping for air. Local news and social media were flooded with images of dead fish floating across the bay and littering our shores and marine life struggling to breathe. Florida International University scientists reported oxygen levels down to 0 (zero) for up to five hours; fireboats were oxygenating water around Morningside Park, the 79th Street causeway, and other locations where the worst of the fish kill has been reported by the public. Biscayne Bay has reached its tipping point: pollution from sewage leaks, septic tanks, fertilizers, and stormwater runoff, along with the record high temperatures in the lower 90s is killing seagrass and marine life at an unprecedented rate.” - from the 2021 #savebiscaynebay campaign

Originally designed for ARTSail Residency and Research Initiative and Biscayne Bay Marine Health Coalition’s call to raise awareness to the #savebiscaynebay campaign, these call-to-action banners share a warning - the health of our Biscayne Bay affects the health of our city and our community. 

Celebrating World Ocean Day in conjunction with Faena Art

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