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Miami Beach, FL

PRIDE247 uses the simplicity of lines to reflect connectivity. The original rainbow flag with its original 8, then 6 colors, was designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978 for the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade under Harvey Milk’s administration, to symbolize love, happiness, peace, understanding, inclusion, and hope, all under the umbrella of a rainbow in the sky.


The PRIDE247 installation reconstructs and deconstructs the pride flag allowing the individual webbing straps to intertwine in the same way we as humans do to make up our multi-faceted society.

Additional to the site-specific installation, the concrete planters bordering Lincoln Road on Washington Avenue, Alton Road, and Euclid Avenue are dressed in printed fabric sleeves for which we designed a modified version of the Progressive Pride Flag that would adapt well to the shape of the planters.

Photo credit: Douglas Lance (@fotonoggin)

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